About us

Filmová filharmonie (Filmharmonie) is a professional symphonic orchestra. It has been founded in 2013 as an ensemble which brings together students and graduates of music secondary schools and universities. Most performances are carried out by more than 60 musicians, but uniquely the number of artists can be modified, reshaping the ensemble into a chamber version of itself to fit the needs of every client. The orchestra commenced its existence in the concert hall of Prague conservatory with a themed Western night concert and created a upsubstantial evergrowing fanbase.

The post of Principal Conductor has been taken up by Chuhei Iwasaki who leads the orchestra in most cases. During its first season the Filmová filharmonie has been invited to participate in project Vesmírná odysea of the Skrz na skrz festival with Marek Šedivý as a guest conductor. The second season bears the spirit of Fantasy. Filmová filharmonie performed in a sold out hall in Prague and in Hradec Králové. Another concert of film music with the same theme is currently awaiting the orchestra, this time in Ostrava.